Saturday, September 5, 2009

back in the u.s.

got back to the u.s. a little more than a week ago. josh and i are currently in the birmingham area in alabama. had an amazing month in costa rica! i learned a little about permaculture, self sustainability and the importance of growing your own food from some great people in costa rica and now i want to put my new gained knowledge to use. so i'm settling down in the woods next to a lake and working on growing an organic vegetable/greens garden and an organic fruit tree orchard. i will post some pics soon!

also found 5 wild persimmon trees around the woods here. counting down the days till they're ripe.

check out these websites about growing your own food:

photos of my new home:


  1. Settling in the woods, another dream of mine lol. Good luck to the both of you! Are you going to continue to blog of your adventures in the wood? Is the lake your drinking/bathing water source? Would you filter it? I hope you don't mind the questions.

  2. hi! thank you, and i don't mind the questions at all! i will continue to take photos and post updates. there is a spring that goes into the lake that has fresh drinking water. i'm staying in a conventional house right now but will be building a very small cottage with a rainwater collection tank for showering. i'll put a layer of mesh over the rainwater barrel to keep out debris but i won't be filtering the spring water.