Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Awakening

Spring is finally here! Everything around here is blossoming, budding, and bustling. The farm is coming together. We've added 5 nectarines, 5 peaches, 6 blueberries, a plum and a pear tree to our orchards. I've gotten a ton of tomato, melon, and veggie seeds started in my makeshift nursery in my room and we're currently waiting on some soil for our huge veggie beds (2 beds-each 16'x 55').

My amazing family made an awesome spread of raw fruit cakes for my birthday and we got to share the night with some amazing new friends :)

I've been enjoying the sunshine, sunbathing, riding my bike a little bit, walking around barefoot, playing with the animals, hanging out in the woods and working outside a ton. So thankful for spring!

the view above the veggie beds. figs, figs, persimmons, and figs

the veggie beds...minus the soil

red delicious apple tree

my mothers flock of chickens (they are apart of the family. they just hang out and we feed their abandoned eggs to our veggie dogs).

the farm. the open space will soon be home to lots and lots of grapes
this will all be sweet corn and legumes
the stone fruit orchard-peaches, apricots, cherries, nectarines and a plum
we'll be growing melons in between the trees
peach blossoms

my family made me some birthday treats. all from fruit!

my sister designed and made me an eco organizer for gardening info, thoughts, notes, etc.

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