Thursday, July 23, 2009

colorado to alabama

stopped in flagler, co late that night. we had no idea we were at a lake until we woke up the next morning.

our camp spot


pj and lola exploring

grain silos storing the feed for the animal industry.

our solar powered battery charger

watermelon break. not the smartest thing to do on a roadtrip. we had to stop every 30 min to go pee.

pj put himself in my backpack

clean energy in kansas

broke my heart. 2 decks of frightened cows likely on the way to slaughter. i saw more than 10 of these trucks along the road trip, some with cows, some with pigs, some empty on their way to pickup. it kills me to see what we do to other beings.


  1. thanks for sharing these again...

  2. how do PJ and Lola get along? they already look comfy with each other