Sunday, July 12, 2009

take your family to see it

i went and saw food inc. last night. amazing movie. it has everything about the animal industry, slaughterhouses, genetically modified crops, monsanto, the fda, organics, social and environmental impacts of the food industry and more. i used to show family members and friends a little movie about each subject but now i will just tell them to watch food inc. because it has everything! take your family and friends to see it! best $10 you will ever spend! demand real, organic food! vote with your dollar and make a difference!

FOOD, INC.: Movie Trailer - Click here for more amazing videos


  1. KING CORN is a good starter movie to get a good idea of a master plan supported by our very own government to feed everyone and indirectly support our pharmaceutical companies (thats my thought).

    We are advertising this at Whole foods

  2. i definitely want to see that movie!