Thursday, June 4, 2009

adventures of a frugivore

i'm new to the world of blogging so be gentle.

a little about me:

my name is kelly. i am 21 years old. i currently reside in portland with my boyfriend josh and our dog p.j. moved here 4 months ago from south pasadena, ca. love it here. got to experience something new.

health and fitness are really important to me. i absolutely love fruit and vegetables! i'm all about consciousness, compassion and being aware. i love nature and animals. i'm determined to make a positive impact. I love going to flea markets, farmers markets, traveling, meeting new people, swimming in rivers and lakes, photography, reading, biking, and gardening. i have my eyes and ears open, i'm mindful. i'm going to enjoy everything the world has to offer me.

josh and i are ready for something new so we are currently selling most everything we own and will be doing some traveling for an undetermined amount of time.

here's our plans so far:

mid june: leaving portland
mid june-the beginning of july: L.A.
4th of july weekend: AZ colorado river and lake mohave
July 7th-Mid July: Colorado
Mid July-July 28th: Alabama
July 28th- ????: Costa Rica

we will be roadtripping from L.A. to alabama. once we're in costa rica we'll be living out of a backpack and travelling by foot. sleeping under the stars and enjoying nature's bounty. we have no plans in costa rica. we'll be landing in san jose and we'll take it from there. maybe we'll keep trekking down to south america, or maybe we'll explore more of central america. we have no idea and that's the beauty of it :)

i've quit school. i have no plans to go back as of now. in fact, after i get to costa rica i have no plans for my life except traveling. i've decided to be a vagabond/world traveler. selling all my possessions has proven to be a liberating experience. i feel so free now. i really recommend it!

i'll be using this blog to write about my travels, books, fruit, life, to post pics and videos and to spread awareness and a positive message. stay tuned!



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