Friday, June 12, 2009

reduce your impact

in the modern world we consume, pollute and waste so much.

we have a closet full of clothes yet feel we "need" a new shirt or a new pair of jeans. we all have enough clothes in our closet to last a lifetime yet we still go shopping regularly. do your planet and yourself a favor, when you feel like you need something new shop at a thrift store, recycled fashion store or a flea market! when you're done with your clothes, donate them or sell them. don't let them waste away in a landfill.

re-using is more eco-friendly than new eco-friendly products. it's good for the environment and good for your wallet! if you need new appliances, dishes or furniture go to a thrift store or check on we got great vintage stoneware for super cheap. better than that new plastic stuff they're coming out with now. we were also able to completely furnish our apartment with used stuff.

does anyone ever think about how many cars are manufactured every year? we already have so many on the road. why do we need new models every year? the auto industry uses huge amounts of resources every year and deeply contributes to the waste/pollution problem. don't support the manufacturing of new cars every year. buy used. same goes for hybrid or eco-friendly cars. they may use less gas, but it takes a lot of resources to build them.
auto manufacturing plant

bike more. burn carbs instead of fossil fuel. no emissions or oil consumption, just really great exercise :)

when you buy books search for a used copy first. local used book stores are the best. amazon is also a great resource but it's better to support the little guys. when you're done with your books donate, sell or trade them. don't throw them away.

i don't understand how people think cleaning with chemicals, ammonia, fragrances, synthetics, etc. actually cleans. it may look clean, but what are you leaving behind on your counter or spraying in your air? there are countless chemicals in household cleaning products. save your body and your earth by actually using something pure to clean. only use natural cleaning products (and i mean really natural) or better yet just use water! lemon juice diluted with water also works really good for cleaning.
hazardous waste from household cleaners

buy recycled paper products when you need them...and then recycle them again. recycled paper, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. try to use less and less.
deforestation-becoming a more common sight these days

bring your own reusable bag to the grocery store. don't go out and buy a new "eco-friendly" bag. that takes resources too. use old canvas bags or go buy bags from thrift stores. i've found some great canvas bags from thrift stores. again, reusing what we already have is more eco-friendly than going out and buying new eco-friendly products.
plastic bag waste-also a common sight these days

BUY ORGANIC AND LOCAL. don't support conventional farmers. their sprays have known carcinogens and they usually farm in ways that damage the earth. plus the pesticides are KILLING the bees and leaching into waterways! buying local and in season saves transportation costs and emissions. spread the fruit seeds, plant more trees, grown your own veggies. shop at farmers markets. get to know your farmers. vote with your dollar and buy organic.

waste runoff from a farm going into a nearby stream

eat more fruit and less meat! the greater the demand of fruit, the more fruit trees. the more trees, the better! the meat industry uses a ton of resources and contributes to desertification and deforestation. not to mention lots of costly health problems down the road from meat consumption (and all those resources for prescription drugs, bottles, hospital equipment, etc. once you have those health problems). oh and you'll be saving lots of innocent animals from the torture and inhumane treatment!



here's a great site about the impacts of the meat industry. the information is great!

stop buying useless junk! novelty items and things you're only going to use a few times are a waste of resources. think about that before you buy someone a gift. are they really going to use it or is it going to end up in the trash and eventually into a landfill?

check with your electric company. some offer clean energy upgrades. in portland we are lucky enough to have the option of paying a little extra for renewable energy.

switch to paperless billing for all your bills.

reduce your chemical dependence. women are the worst about this. how many beauty products do you use? how many ingredients are in each product? where does the waste from this product end up? tests on our rivers and streams show traces of hair dye chemicals and other nasty synthetic ingredients. even so called "natural" products aren't natural enough.
big batch of chemical face paint

a proprietary blend of your cosmetics

here's some things that can help:

become a no 'poo (shampoo) user. you can wash your hair with bentonite clay and water, washing your hair with baking soda and rinsing with lemon juice, or just washing with lemon juice. the whole conditioner thing is a money making scheme. the only reason you need conditioner is because the shampoo strips your hair and dries it out. hmmm, i think if you stop using the shampoo you won't need the conditioner.

if you use hair gel, you can make it from flax seeds. boil flax seeds in water and let it sit for a few minutes. strain it and the jelly liquid left over works as hair gel.

dye your hair only with henna. normal hair dye changes the ph of your hair and enters the shaft, damaging it. henna coats the hair shaft, making it thicker and shinier. if you're getting good quality henna then it's chemical free and harmless for the environment. also, "natural" dyes still have chemicals in them.

coconut oil is a great alternative to shaving cream if you have to use it.

humans are tearing up the planet at a rapid rate. we really need to start thinking of something greater than ourselves. we need to be aware that everything we do has an impact on the environment, other humans, or animals. even the smallest things help so don't hesitate. start making a difference now!

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  1. "VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR AND BUY ORGANIC" is such an amazing quote. With demand comes supply.

    love it!