Saturday, August 8, 2009

curu wildlife refuge

my favorite place in costa rica. we stopped and stayed the night in the curu wildlife refuge on the way back from montezuma. we would have stayed there the whole time but the fees were a little pricey for us. so worth it though! we stayed in a little cabina next to the beach. we made friends with a local monkey and a cute dog. they were both so friendly and affectionate. one of the most amazing experiences!

sharing some fruit with a local

she loved to hold my hand

the most beautiful beach

our doggy friend joined us

woke up early the next day and walked around with the dog

solitude. didn't see a single person on the beach the entire time

played in the water with the dog

precious baby

went walking around that morning and she ran up out of nowhere and hugged me

she wanted to hold my hand while we were walking but she needed her hands so she wrapped her tail around me

a car drove by and she dropped down and played dead haha

so affectionate

she was protective. a guy walked by and she got in front of me and hissed at him

broke out the papaya

shared some papaya. she loved it

she stole joshs half. she ended up eating more papaya than any of us.

she loved the ripe plantain too

as you can see, i love animals!

she wanted to take a nap after she ate

went swimming after that

our cabina for the night

frugivore hands. long fingers, perfect for opening up ripe fruit.

josh sharing some mango

leaving curu


  1. These are beautiful pictures and tell such a story! The pictures of the monkey are the most precious things I have ever seen. You know I would have given anything to experience that!! Love you Honey!!

  2. wow... wonderful pics... i love the pic with your hands... ;)

  3. I found our blog on 30BaD and I'm so glad because, you are doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life in about 2 years. I've been dreaming every night before I go to bed about doing this for almost 2 years now (literally every night before bed lol).

    So your blog is just reeeeaallly inspiring because I know that it's actually a very reachable goal. I'm so glad that you're blogging about it :] Thanks, a lot!

    Keep safe!

  4. thank you! i'm so glad i inspired someone! i had dreamed about traveling for years too, always thinking i couldn't afford it. if you sell everything you don't need and work a few weeks you'll have enough money to travel for a while! i really recommend reading vagabonding: an uncommon guide to the art of long term travel. it's really inspiring!

  5. my eyes got teary reading this because of how incredibly happy i am for you :) theres an owl somewhere keeping an eye on you ;)
    lots of love and light. miss you.


  6. Hi, Kelly. . .

    I just discovered your blog today and I feel uplifted and even more inspired. You are the new generation and I totally admire you. Thank you for the pictures. . . love you and the monkey. Precious!

    Girl Power!!!

    : )