Monday, August 3, 2009

la fortuna

ran into our tour guide a few days later in the park. tried to share some watermelon with him but he´s picky.

josh and whats left of the melons

view of arenal volcano from la fortuna

gringo petes hostel. loved that place.

beginning of cerro chato trail. tough hike. especially when you get caught in the rain and the dark. it felt like i did lunges for 4 straight hours.

the mist

wish i could have taken more pictures of the hike but it started pouring after an hour. got completely soaked. the map made it look like the end of the trail looped around the lake back into town. we got to the end of the trail and it went straight into the lake. whoops. 2 hours back up the trail deep into the jungle. in the pouring rain and in the dark. it was definitely an adventure.

off to the nicoya peninsula now!

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