Friday, August 28, 2009

uvita/san isidro

at the beach, right before josh got stung by a sting ray

5 kilos of fresh organic mangosteens. my new favorite fruit.

the view from cascada verde

we stayed up in the loft for a few weeks

spent a lot of time on the hammocks here

the amazing market in san isidro

organic pineapple, mamones (rambutan), and some fruit i've never had before

went to the beautiful waterfall in uvita with my new friend jose

swimming in clean, cool, fresh water is indescribable


the permaculture garden at cascada verde

my second favorite edible leaf, cranberry hibiscus

joshs favorite greens

they had an amazing vision for cascada verde

best continental breakfast (just talking about the bananas)

last morning in costa rica. stayed in a hostel in alajuela.

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